Shaikhs Residence


Client: The Shaikhs

Interior Designer: ONE7EIGHT DESIGN

Location: Dubai, UAE

Category: Interior and Landscape

Date: 2020

In this project the designers were tasked to combine different styles in each room as each member of the family was influenced by a different style or era. Hence each room unveils something new.

The ground level features an entrance lobby, a guest room which doubles as the grandparent’s room when they visit, Living, Dining and Kitchen areas combined in an open plan layout, and a prayer room. The upper floor features the Master Bedroom, Kid’s Rooms, and a Family Living Area

The Living, Kitchen and Dining spaces are warm and playful with a touch of mid-century glam. The walnut sideboard, marble side tables, tapered furniture legs and velvet sofas add an opulent touch to this space and help create a cozy conversation area. The focus was on primary colors for a bright, vibrant look while brass touches give the space more class.

The Guest Room features clean lines, muted colors, and a gender-neutral look. Since this room is also used by the grandparents when they visit, the focus was to keep high contrast between furniture and the open spaces as it provides better visibility at night. Furniture styles continue the modern mid-century look with walnut and brass finishes, tapered legs, and high headboard design. Since the room is small wall sconces were perfect instead of lamps.

The Prayer Room has a minimalist Islamic decor. The space is kept minimal to avoid any distractions and create an awe-inspiring place to pray and be alone with the Creator. It features a back-lit laser-cut wood panel with intricate Islamic geometry as the Mihrab. Both the room color and carpeting are kept light colored to allow the room to open visually. The light tones are complemented well with brass metallic finishes on the Mihrab and the accessories.

The Master Bedroom is a tropical luxe themed space. The homeowners have complementary personalities; Subtle and Zestful. Hence the room encompasses the color scheme of blush pink and emerald green. The two colors create a sweet harmony whilst maintaining just enough clash factor to add interest to the finished effect. It features a dazzling emerald green headboard that runs the entire length of the wall and is complemented by tropical pink bedding and floral artworks. The room also features a blush pink accent chair positioned near the window, as a place of reflection with a view, or as a reading nook. Sun-burst mirror, Sputnik chandelier and gold finishes add the perfect touch of glam to the room.

The kid’s rooms are designed in Parisian and Scandinavian styles based on their preferences.

For the Parisian room the walls and curtains are kept serene white with small touches of muted colors and rosewood pink accents. The room is glammed up with a gorgeous statement mirror, a vintage chandelier, and a dreamy vanity with a velvet pink pouffe.

The Scandinavian room has a limited palette where white predominates, with touches of gray, black and teal blue as secondary. The space is sleek, minimal and features a sofa bed to save space. Small plants as accessories add a pop of life to the minimal interior.

The Family Living Area is a space where the family can relax, sit together and enjoy their favorite movies. Low seated furniture with wooden elements incorporates Zen feelings of serenity and peace.

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