SICIS Mosaic Art

Floors, Walls and more

Client: SICIS ME

Location: Dubai, UAE

Category: Interior

Date: 2019

commercial interior photographer

SICIS produces high-quality tesserae superior to those of any other industry on the market in different shapes, sizes and materials favouring artictis and craft research increasing experimentation and the creation of new materials.

SICIS also creates mosaics of the highest level with the help of mosaic masters and artists in the mosaic art industry.

Create interior images of the SICIS Mosaic showroom in Dubai. The main objective was to highlight the mosaic art on the ceilings, walls and floors.

Light coming through the glass walls of the showroom were causing reflection and glares on all the mosaic surfaces including ceilings and floors. I tackled this by blocking out the windows with huge boards from the outside. Later in post production I replaced the windows.

A series of wide and detail interior photos that surpassed the expectations of the client.
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