Dubai Fog Feb14

It was a cold early morning of February 2014. The city was engulfed with fog and photographers were out scouting for vantage points. Among cars with flashing hazard lights on, we drove slowly on familiar roads. What normally takes us 20 minutes took us 45 minutes.

We finally made our way to one the towers in Dubai Marina. Impatient to get on the roof, we stare at the screen on the elevator as we go up. 79 it was (or at least that’s what I remember) we were welcomed to this view.

It was breathtaking. In silence we spent a few minutes looking around and appreciating this natural phenomena before we went on shooting. The fog slowly moving towards the sea making its way around the skyscrapers, the city lights below diffusing through the fog creating a cotton candy sea was remarkable.

I had been chasing this moment for a while and here it was. This was my first shot of the fog in Dubai. It was an amazing experience just being up there and taking in the view.

This image was published in the first edition of a magazine in Spain called Muy Intersante, a monthly popular science magazine.

dubai fog

And as the sun rose my camera ran out of battery. I didn’t have the charger or spare batteries in hand. If it wasn’t for a person I met up there I wouldn’t have had the chance to shoot through the second half of the morning. Luckily he had a spare camera.

I would normally put on an ND filter and shoot a long exposure to create the silky effect of the fog, but because my filters worked on a Nikon system and not a Canon, I was left with this.

Anyhow I feel the texture here brings depth to the image.

dubai fog

A view that does not exist.

The pace at which construction is booming in Dubai, architecture/cityscape photography is like documentary photography.


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