The Dunes Platform

Deep in the desert sands, The Dunes Platform, located in the largest desert reservation in Dubai (Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve), is widely known for its unmarred and undisturbed wild lands, left untouched by human civilization.

Client: Dubai Municipality

Location: Dubai, UAE

Category: Aerial, Exterior

Date: 2020

Yogi: Bahar Jaferzadeh


The main structural element, approximately 70m x 50m, is a combination of steel frames and GRP cladded material (with stone finishes), creating an undulated 3D form of open cells inspired by the dunes surrounding the platform location.

The structure has been designed to create a magnificent shape outline, defining a distinctive architectural character. Underneath the structure, the indoor and outdoor Yoga platforms, which can accommodate up to 200 visitors, can be found opening up to the natural desert environment with a terraced platform for yoga and desert viewing taking advantage of the pavilions unique location on the hilly terrain.

These activities are designed to be done in a multi-purpose hall, which would enable visitors to enjoy the warm desert climate and take part in the activities simultaneously. In the off chance that some may not be inclined to spend time in the warm desert climate, they may enter the air-conditioned facility where toilets, changing rooms and utility room are available for use.

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